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Normally, the Internal Revenue Service will mail the Notice of Intent to Levy Wages . Notice of Intent to Levy Wages is the 1st of two notifications that the tax payer will receive before having their wages or paycheck taken . In the instance that the tax payer doesn't respond on the 1st letter, the Government will follow up with Final Notice of Intent to Levy Wages. This letter demands quick action by you as it is the final warning prior to the IRS will garnish your payroll check. This notification has a approach in it that makes it possible for the Government wage garnishment or Federal Government wage levy to be halted. Never the less, there is a close due date associated with the action so a taxpayer who is given this final notice letter is not able to slow down doing something about it. Otherwise the IRS will definitely take your paycheck.

Fortunately that an IRS garnishment or IRS wage levy can be stopped. Often it demands certain amount of hard work, yet it can be achieved assuming measure is taken by the taxpayer. The biggest challenges of getting an IRS garnishment or IRS wage levy halted is owning un-filed tax returns. The Internal Revenue mandates that individuals should be in tax compliance with their income tax returns before they may think about lifting the wage garnishment. Income tax returns are required to be up to date for all un-filed tax years.

In the unpleasant occasion of the garnishment, you should without a doubt submit the IRS form that your workplace will provide. If a tax payer fails to send the garnishment form, then the IRS will get a greater part of the salary. The form helps taxpayer with dependents to have less garnished from their paycheck than a single individual who doesn't have a family to take care of. Often, the amount of money that the IRS can take from an employee's payroll check with the wage garnishment may be close to 2/3 of the pay check. Getting your wages garnished by the IRS may cause a financial hardship for you, so talk to a tax pro that can assist you prevent the problem or to assist eliminate it for you if the tax levy is currently in process.

Solutions are possible such as an Oic, prepare a pay back schedule and compensate past due debt in full. Typically this can be depressing issue to deal with alone, All State Tax Relief has solved of wage garnishment problems for a great number of customers. Don't face Government alone. Call the tax relief professionals. All State always assists its customers to find satisfaction. Their objective is to work out a minimal possible IRS settlement amount allowed by the law on your behalf.

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Awesome service and communication plus very warm and friendly.

My wife and I were stuck in a hard place with the IRS . They had initiated a lien on my checking acct and I had nothing left.(I found this out when trying to use my bankcard at a gas pump).I knew that I had to get help because it was a big legal situation and would get only bigger if I let it go. I had several years not filed and a couple of those were getting in the serious stage. I paid my taxes but never had filed for several reasons. I called All State Tax Srv and received their packet on the computer and painfully paid the down payment on their fee. They allowed me to pay in installments because I lived on my pension and had a nickel and dime budget for living.They were worth every penny. My IRS bill went from possibly being thousands of dollars in penalties and fees to under three hundred bucks.

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All State Tax Relief specializes in resolving and reducing IRS or State Tax Debt. Our unique approach is truly revolutionary in the Tax Resolution industry. You will have detailed understanding of your options BEFORE you pay any fees towards resolution services.

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All State Tax Relief will refund monies paid under the All State Tax Relief Client Agreement within the first 15 calendar days without any penalty or obligation. This money-back guarantee ONLY applies to the fee paid towards the Investigation Phase and NOT for those enrolled with our Immediate Action Team or those that have executed a Resolution Phase Addendum. We do not guarantee that your tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage nor do we make any guarantees or promises about the outcome of proposed services.

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